t Touch Of The Master's Hand Horsemanship Clinics
"Change Is Possible" 2 Corinthians 5:17 You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! Isaiah 26:3
One & Two Day Intensive Clinics are limited to three horses and horses get worked twice in a day. It’s like having a Two-Day Clinic in one day or a Four-Day Clinic in two days. Ronnie will help you with one on one instruction, normally starting the horse in the round pen at liberty. These clinics usually start Friday evening with a Touch of the Master’s Hand Horsemanship Presentation and end Sunday evening with supper and a closing time for questions and discussion. Unlimited auditors are always welcome! Two to Four Day Regular Clinics are limited to six horses and horses are worked only once during each day. Regardless of what day these clinics start on, it is recommended that they start in the evening before the first full day with a Touch of the Master’s Hand Horsemanship Presentation and end the last day with supper and a closing time for questions and discussion. Unlimited auditors are always welcome! Touch of the Master’s Hand Round-pen Presentations are usually an hour to two hours long and available upon request. Ronnie works with students of all ages including the young and those young at heart. He currently shares clinics and presentations across the country from Virginia to California and from Texas to Montana.
The Touch of the Master’s Hand Horsemanship Clinics are a great opportunity to grasp a deeper understanding of true horsemanship through real relationship. The horsemanship taught is based on Biblical principles that apply to all relationships so these clinics are also an amazing opportunity to introduce a person to the possibilities of a relationship with God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Many people accept conformity for submission in their horses and confuse religion for a relationship with Jesus Christ. These clinics help a person recognize the difference and settle for nothing less than true relationship. I am not offering an easy three step method or techniques. I’m not offering a person a religious experience. I am offering to help a person find real meaningful relationships through a change of mind, emotion and freedom of choice, for both themselves and their horses. I am not promising to fix all your problems or magically make all your relationships easy. Real meaningful relationships are hard work, they take an investment of our time, energy and resources. If you are up for the challenge of developing a deeper understanding of relationships and grasping a greater appreciation for God’s amazing grace, then these clinics are for you. Consider attending or hosting a Touch of the Master’s Hand Horsemanship Clinic. Change is possible!
Hosting a clinic maybe easier than you think…All it requires is a round-pen and participants. Most clinics are done at private homes. The facility need not be fancy but it must be friendly. Clinics are designed to be fun and filled with good food and fellowship. An atmosphere of community is fostered into each clinic. Please pray about hosting a clinic and contact Ronnie today!
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